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Thu, 15 Feb



Shattering Imposter Syndrome

Do you long to radiate confidence, step into your power, and leave a lasting mark on the world? If so, then get ready to ditch the dimmers and unleash the spotlight within, with this webinar.

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Shattering Imposter Syndrome
Shattering Imposter Syndrome

Time & Location

15 Feb 2024, 17:30 – 20:00 EAT


About the Webinar

"Shattering Imposter Syndrome; Unleash Your Power with a Transformed Self-Image" is not just a webinar; it's a transformation catalyst, a blueprint for igniting your inner fire and illuminating the path to a life lived on your own terms.

This interactive webinar, facilitated by Image & Brand Consultant Olive Gachara, will equip you with actionable strategies to shed limiting beliefs, craft your ideal self-portrait, boost your confidence, and unlock your hidden potential. Expect practical exercises, inspiring insights, and a supportive community to help you translate your newfound power into tangible results.

Imagine shedding imposter syndrome like an outdated outfit, unveiling a wellspring of confidence that spills into every aspect of your brand story. This isn't a fairy tale; it's a blueprint for success that will help you create the masterpiece for Your Personal Brand.

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